Fund Raising



GCRG is a charity and relies on donations to carry out its work. Donations are always welcome. Please contact the secretary or donate via PayPal:

Paypal Donation

You can donate directly to GCRG via paypal:

Easy Fundraising

GCRG use Easy Fundraising to help raise funds. If you wish to sign up and help GCRG, please follow the steps below:

What do you have to do?

  1. Go to the website Easy Fundraising
  2. Click on ‘Find a cause’ and select the cause you wish to support (just search for "Cave Rescue" and you’ll find GCRG).
  3. Fill out the quick form to register your details.
  4. Find the retailer you want to shop with.
  5. Click to visit the retailer, then shop as you normally would.
  6. Your donation will be shown in your easyfundraising account within 30 days.

Also, once you’ve signed yourself up to the scheme you can see how much money has been raised for the group and by who.

Gift Aid

Every year, GCRG Officers, Committee Members and Reps clock up huge amounts of mileage on GCRG business. Under HMRC rules, they are allowed to claim expenses on this mileage from the Group at a rate of 45p / mile. However, if they kindly choose to donate these expenses back to the Group, Gift Aid can be claimed on the donation. During the year, records are kept of all mileage driven and this is entered into the Gift Aid system by our Treasurer.

Additionally, any donations to GCRG are eligible for Gift Aid if you so choose.